Ceiling Diffusion

Ceiling diffusion and final filtration systems decrease rework by eliminating the micron-size particles from the supply air that cause dirt-related rejects. The level of filtration is dependent upon the quality of the paint finish required. Our filtration systems can be designed for booths ranging from basic applications for simple finishes to complex applications for the highest quality finishes.

Listed below are our ceiling diffusion and final filtration products. For filters specific to your industry, click aerospaceindustrial, or automotive.

Volz 600G Ceiling Diffusion Media

Volz 600G Ceiling Diffusion Media Industry: Automotive and Industrial
Uses: Final Stage Intake diffusion

A.J.Dralle’s ceiling diffusion series made with Volz V600G media is specifically engineered to meet the finer filtration requirements within downdraft spray booths. The Volz V600G is composed of graduated density polyester. It contains no silicone or other lacquer harming substances. Tackifier throughout the filter helps achieve high dust holding capacity while the polyester-textile on the clean air side allows the V600G the highest structural stability. Used throughout the world in some of the most demanding and prestigious automotive manufacturing facilities, Volz V600G produces superior finishing results while maintaining affordability.

Volz SFR

PT Panel Industries: Automotive and Industrial
Uses: Ceiling diffusion

Highest quality Volz media. Two layers of polyester with an internal metal frame. The air-exiting side is made of ultra-fine fiber, entirely tackified with a scrim backing.