Our Products

A.J.Dralle, Inc. manufactures state-of-the-art air filtration products. Our innovative designs have helped a wide variety of customers increase their paint booth efficiency. We are committed to research, development, and above all, meeting our customers’ needs.

We have decades of experience, allowing us to create original and patented filtration products. Dedication to our customers is at the core of our products and services. Let our expertise help you create the most efficient and cost-effective paint booth operation.

Below you will find information on our products for pre-filters and air intake filters, exhaust filters, and ceiling diffusion filters.

Pre-Filters and Air Intake Filters

As the initial phase for your filtration system, pre-filters and air intake filters can set the stage for the quality of the entire paint filtration process. These filters are designed to filter the large airborne particulate which accumulate on fans and coils and prematurely clog final and ceiling diffusion filtration systems. Click intake for a listing of all corresponding products.


Exhaust filtration efficiencies can affect the paint booth operation by impacting booth balance, booth maintenance, cleaning costs and the liability associated with paint deposits on adjacent properties. With emissions standards governed by several factors, most paint exhaust systems now include multi-stage filtration products. A.J.Dralle specializes in creating systems that will meet or exceed all government and state paint filtration regulations. Click exhaust for a listing of all corresponding products.

Ceiling Diffusion

Ceiling diffusion and final filtration systems decrease rework by eliminating the micron-size particles from the supply air that cause dirt-related rejects. The level of filtration is dependent upon the quality of the paint finish required. Our filtration systems can be designed for booths ranging from basic applications for simple finishes to complex applications for the highest quality finishes. Click ceiling diffusion for a listing of all corresponding products.