CG-100 System


The CG-100 paint overspray collection system has high efficiency and low resistance.

The CG-100 is one of the best overspray collection systems developed. The CG-100 has high efficiency, high paint holding capacity, and a self-sealing design. This system excels in industrial applications as well as the second stage of an aerospace 2-stage overspray collection system. The CG-100 works best when pre-filtered with PAG or CPA media.

Versatile Application Uses

  • Overspray
  • Aerospace 2nd Stage in 2-Stage Systems
  • Industrial
  • High Solids Paint
  • Water-Borne Coatings
  • Oil Mist

Available in multi-pocket bags.


  • 77% Efficient
  • High Paint Holding Capacity: 7.8 pounds
  • Initial Pressure Drop: 0.13 W.G.
  • Final Pressure Drop: 0.16 W.G.
  • Self-Sealing

Test results based on 40 CFR Part 63 National Emission Standard.