18-Gram Fiberglass Paint Arrestor

Fiberglass paint arrestors offer an economical solution to a wide range of applications.

18-Gram media is progressively dense with a tight downstream layer. The open face maximizes depth loading and tight backing minimizes bypass. The fiberglass material is highly compressible, saving shipping and warehousing costs.

Versatile Application Uses

18-Gram fiberglass is recommended as a 1st stage filter for most Automotive and Industrial applications.  The fiberglass media works best with:

  • High Solids Paint
  • Water-Based Coatings
  • Epoxy/Urethane Primers
  • Oil Mist
  • Wood Stains/Vinyl Lacquer

Available in Rolls, Blankets, and Pads.

UL Classified

18-Gram fiberglass is UL Classified for flame exposure requirements.  The fiberglass material content is California Proposition 65 Compliant.


  • Density: 18 grams per square foot
  • Thickness: ±2.5 inches
  • Initial Resistance (Clean): 0.02 in. water
  • Final Resistance (Loaded): 0.32 in. water
  • Holding Capacity: 1789 grams (3.9 lbs.)
  • Average Efficiency: 99.54%
  • Length: 300’ (width varies)
  • Downstream Side: Blue

Test results are based on 40 CFR Part 63 National Emission Standards.