From fighter jets to wood cabinets, farm equipment to windows, A. J. Dralle, Inc. has a filter to meet your company’s specific product and paint booth needs.  Our innovative air filter designs serve the most basic one stage booth to a multistage recirculating system.  Dedicated to keeping our customers in full compliance, A. J. Dralle’s filters meet or exceed all present emissions standards.

Aerospace Air Filters

A.J. Dralle, Inc. is dedicated to continuous research and development of air filters for the aerospace industry. Our systems are specifically designed to meet or exceed EPA Method 319 Standards. To help keep your facility in full compliance, our products and systems can be constructed to meet your exact needs.

Our state-of-the-art XFP-6000 Paint Overspray System is specifically created for the collection of aerospace chromate coating overspray, virtually eliminating dangerous chromium emissions up the stack. This three-stage system is also easily adapted to older, two-stage paint finishing lines. It exceeds E.P.A. Method 319 emission standards.

Industrial Air Filters

A. J. Dralle’s industrial filtration systems address a wide variety of industrial applications.  From a simple one stage open-face booth to a multistage recirculating system, we can identify the best filtration system to solve any paint overspray emission problem.  Our advanced systems and continuous research guarantee to meet or exceed present emission standards.

Our state-of-the art air filters address the specific paint formulation needs of wood, plastic, and metal for many products, including, but not limited to:  earth moving equipment, farm machinery, office furniture, wood cabinets, windows, doors, appliances, motorcycle helmets, ATVs, and much more.

Automotive Air Filters

A.J. Dralle’s auto body products and services enable shops to provide customers with top-quality paint finishes. Our auto body ceiling diffusion, supply, and exhaust filtration products meet or exceed paint booth manufacturers’ filter specifications. We are also the only central United States distributor of Volz- the most advanced paint booth ceiling diffusion media available.

A. J. Dralle’s filter lines increase the efficiencies of supply and exhaust systems, enabling our customers to eliminate the source of dirt-related finish rejects, as well as capture overspray paint to meet present emission standards.