HEPA-XFP Eliminates Paint Booth Upgrades

For Immediate Release - Media Contact: James R. Dralle - 815-730-0505 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rockdale, Illinois - A.J. Dralle, Inc. announces the HEPA-XFP, a 3rd stage filtration system meeting HEPA level efficiencies, NESHAP Method 319, and ASHRAE 52.2 testing. 

Specifically constructed for aerospace paint booth exhaust systems using chromate paint formulations, the HEPA-XFP fits into standard 3 stage filtration frames – no HEPA framework needed.  The 3rd and HEPA stage combine into one filter with a low initial pressure drop.  Most importantly, the HEPA-XFP decreases or eliminates costs associated with HEPA required paint booths, including:  construction, upgrading, monitoring, filter replacement, maintenance, and disposal.

James Dralle, President and CEO of A.J. Dralle, Inc. states, “As we listened to our customers’ increased concerns over new HEPA level requirements in California, we knew there was a cost-effective solution.  Since most states eventually adapt the environmental laws enacted in California, the HEPA level requirements could cost the industry untold millions of dollars in paint booth construction.  The HEPA-XFP eliminates those costs.”  

Test report summaries are as follows: NESHAP Method 319 - 99.986% on 0.49-0.59 (µm) kcl; 99.979% on 0.31-0.37 (µm) oleic acid; Paint Fractional Efficiency - 99.980% on 0.2-0.3 (µm) Dept 44-GN-72; Paint Arrestance – 99.999% initial and average removal efficiency; ASHRAE 52.2 – 99.989 on 0.3-1.0 (µm) Merv 16.

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