A Spray Booth Filtration System Supplier dedicated to improving air quality, employee safety, and increased equipment performance.


Our state-of-the art air filters address the specific paint formulation needs of wood, plastic, and metal for many products, including, but not limited to: boats, earth moving equipment, farm machinery, office furniture, wood cabinets, windows, doors, appliances, motorcycle helmets, ATVs, and much more.


A.J. Dralle, Inc. is dedicated to continuous research and development of air filters for the aerospace industry. Our spray booth filtration systems are specifically designed to meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) NESHAP Method 319 Standards. To help keep your facility in full compliance, our products and systems can be constructed to meet your exact needs.


A.J. Dralle’s auto body products and services enable shops to provide customers with top-quality paint finishes. As a premium spray booth filtration supplier, our auto body ceiling diffusion, supply, and exhaust filtration products meet or exceed paint booth manufacturers’ filter specifications.  We specialize in both polyester and fiberglass products.

We outperform our competitors

Since 1978, A.J. Dralle, Inc. has been privately owned and operated by the Dralle family. We are not a large filter conglomerate pretending to be a small business and take great pride treating our employees and customers as part of our family.  Dedication to providing our customers with the best quality filtration systems is demonstrated in our product developement, research, and hands-on approach to solving challenging booth filtration problems.  We are proud of the products we carry, how we make them, and our outstanding employees who dedicate their time to making the best filtration products available.  With A.J. Dralle, you will have the perfect finish, every time.

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