CG100 Bag

CG100 Bag Industry: Aerospace and Industrial
Uses: Paint Overspray

The CG100 Paint Overspray Collection System has the highest efficiency and lowest resistance of any product of this kind yet developed. Designed as the second stage in the paint overspray collection system, it should be pre-filtered with PAG or CPA media.

  • 99.97% Efficient
  • High Paint Holding Capacity: 14.3 pounds 
  • Initial Resistance: .39” W.G.
  • Self-Sealing

(Test results based on a 20x20x15, 2-pocket bag with 62% High Solid Paint)

Applications include:

  • Aerospace 2nd stage filter for 2-stage systems
  • Industrial
  • High solid paint overspray
  • Water-borne coatings
  • Oil mist